10 August 2011

The Coast 2011

 It would be wrong to go to Oregon and not go to the coast.  This year we spent a few days in Brookings .

Madison bought a camera right before we left so of course she spent most of the vacation taking pictures.

This is where digital cameras are a nice.  When I got my first camera I went through rolls and rolls of film taking random pictures of trees, bushes and anything else I found remotely interesting. With Madison I don't have to think about how much it will cost me to develop the millions of pictures she's taking.  Though she may need to invest in her own external hard drive.

Chase thinks of the beach as the worlds largest sand box.  So while everyone else is playing in the water he's digging in the dirt.  He only approached the water when he felt like his sand needed to be mud.  Unfortunately, we forgot to bring his tractor this year.  Even though he was disappointed and mentioned his lack of a tractor several times he seemed happy enough with a yellow bucket.

Chase only wears Levi's but after having to wash them several times after our first trip to play in the sand Michael and I bought him a pair of shorts and gave them to him with an ultimatum: no shorts, no sand.

Not only was he willing to wear them (it helped that they were John Deere green) he wore them with a smile.

Baby steps.  Right?


Year of no Fear said...

It was Brookings we were in...... unless I just blew your cover and you didn't want people to know where you vacation.

VisualAnarchy said...

I always switch those two. I'll fix it.