03 May 2010

Sunshine and Lollipops

Because I know you're all dying to know how the potty training is going I'm going to give you a run down.

As long as he remains commando he remains accident free.  When he wears underwear he pees in them.  However, when he pees in them he takes off the wet underwear, puts it in the hamper and puts on clean underwear all by himself.  If he is in a diaper he does whatever he wants when ever he wants and expects me to take care of it. Obviously I let him go commando as much as possible.

This is major progress and I'm excited about that.

Other things I'm excited about:

Summer (or rather not having to deal with school for a while)
Madison turning 10 tomorrow (we are entering double digits.  This is a big deal)
The possibility that we might keep the dog (that's right Becca, he might stick around while longer)


Michael M said...

keep what?

CarrieAnne said...

The Kid did best going commando too. She was naked for several months.