10 September 2009

We Have a Very Bad Cat

I have decided that this year Davis is going to be a cat for Halloween. I realize some of you may think that is a sissy costume, but I didn't ask you.

Davis pretends to be a cat all day and all night. I was tempted to squirt him with a spray bottle when he tried to lick and scratch my arms but that was nothing compared to when he ate a hole in the sleeve of his pajamas. He seems pretty into it, so I may as well go with it.

It is probably time I start asking my other kids what they want to be for Halloween. Some years I make their costumes and some years I buy their costumes. It really all depends on my mood. Currently, I'm leaning toward buying their costumes. But that's probably because right now I want to take a nap.


Shell said...

Are you sure he ate his pajamas because he's a cat and it isn't some new manifestation of his wacky glucose levels? You might want to get that checked just in case.

Sparklebot said...

I like it. Cats are easy. The costume requests only get harder as the kids get older (as you already know, I'm sure). Do it easy while you still can.

Kristin said...

My wants to be a cat this year. Let me know what you find. . although toddler gear and 9 year old gear I am sure is very different.

Dawnia said...

That's quite the cat you have. Crazy kid.