14 April 2009

At Least He's Into Religion

Madison had the talk in senior primary on Sunday so she and Michael were finishing up the details of her talk Sunday morning.

Kai (very excited): "Are you guys talking about Jesus?"
Maddie: "I'm working on my talk."
Kai (making and announcement to the entire kitchen): "ANYBODY WHO WANTS TO LEARN ABOUT JESUS COME TO MY ROOM AFTER CHURCH!"
Me: "Why? What's happening in your room after church?"
Kai: "We're going to learn about Jesus."
Maddie: "When he's in his room he listens to some guy on the radio talking about Jesus."
Michael: "Oh ya, didn't I tell you? He's become addicted to the religious talk shows on the AM radio."


Brent Walker said...

That's so funny! Kai will be the LDS version of Billy Graham!

Kristin said...

That is so funny! Lets just hope he doesn't make that same grand announcement in Primary or even better Sacrament Meeting during Testimony meeting! Good for him!

Year of no Fear said...

Amber loves listening to John Tesh in the morning. She tells me a fact almost everyday that she learned on that show. Did you know that if you smell chocolate you have an easier time remembering things? Brig and her could learn a lot from each other!

Kristin said...

Joe gives me the weather forcast on a daily basis. If I want to know what the weather is going to be today or tomorrow, Joe is my man.