11 October 2010

I Swore This Wouldn't Happen Again

Every year I swear I will not make the kid's Halloween costumes the following year and every year I end up making them anyway.  

Chase and Kai have decided thy want to be clone troopers.  Davis is going to be Chewbacca and, because heaven forbid she go with the theme, Madison is going to be a pirate.  I even showed her an AWESOME pattern for knitted Princess Leia buns and she still wanted to be a pirate!  Okay so, I don't really mind that she is going as a pirate.  Pirates are easy.  Chewbacca shouldn't be too hard either. But no way was I going to make one clone trooper and much less two!  That is, until I found out how much it would cost to to buy one.  As it turns out I'm cheap. 

Anyway I started my first clone trooper this weekend and all I can say is hand stitching through duck tape is not my idea of a good time.  That being said, so far it looks awesome. 


QueenMeadow said...

I agree, it looks fabulous! I also think you are crazy ;)

Ali said...

Holy cow, that looks AMAZING!! I'm so sad my kids have decided against the star wars theme this year. We had it all planned out...but yours is inspiration for next year!

Ben and Natalies Family Zoo said...

You are so dang creative. Amazing!

Anonymous said...

I hate making costumes and end up making them every year, too. This year I'm getting off easy only making pants to go with a Native American tunic my sister already made. But my 6yo would rather be a human princess than a puppy princess if she had the choice, and I wish I felt like making her a new princess dress.

The clone costumes are going to be great, and hand stitching in Duck Tape qualifies you for sainthood.

Kacy said...