15 October 2010

Brotherly Love

Me:  "Hey guys, I'm sorry but we're running short on time so we're going to have to get lunch after Davis' appointment."
Kai:  "That's fine.  I care more about my family than I do about not having lunch and dying from starvation."
Me:  "While I appreciate your sentiment, I don't think waiting an hour for lunch will kill you."
Kai: "BONUS!"


Grace said...

Seriously, he cracks me up! How does he come up with that stuff? You could write a book with Kai comments alone.

Sparklebot said...

I appreciate his flare for drama.

Anonymous said...

This story is kind of like, but not exactly like, the story about the little girl who misunderstood and thought she would die if she donated her blood for her brother's transfusion, but donated it anyway.

VisualAnarchy said...

The humming bird story! I thought of that too, I suppose we all watched the same sappy church movies as children.

Kristin said...

Rings a bell here too. What a kid! Especially after all he has been through. Even starvation!! :)
He is a trooper.