08 April 2010

It Was On Principle

I've always admired my mom's ablility to not let people push her around.  She owned a property management business when I was a kid so it was a skill she had to have in order to survive.  I remember when she hired a private investigator to find one of her previous renter's trucks so she could impound it for back rent and court fees.  She told me that men like him always found money for their trucks.  

My mom was always fair and expected to be treated fairly in return.  Nothing explains this better than the incident my mom had with Big O when I was a kid.

My mom had purchased a set of tires at Big O and later went in for a free flat repair.  After a while my mom noticed that the workers kept her keys at the end of the queue moving paying customers in front of her.  She told them if they didn't take her in order she would fix her flat somewhere else and send them the bill.

They ignored her.  

After about 40 minutes a good friend of hers came in to buy 4 new tires for her car.  Because they were both going to be waiting a while they decided to walk to a nearby bakery for a croissant.  When they returned her neighbor's car had new tires and my mom's keys were still at the back of the queue.

So, she went somewhere else and sent them a bill for ten dollars.

When they refused to pay she took them to small claims court.  It cost 35 dollars to file, and another 25 to have the sheriff deliver the affidavit and summons.  As she explained to the filing clerk it was about the principle not the 10 dollars. 

When Big O saw their name on the court docket they decided to go ahead and pay her the 10 dollars plus now they owed her filing fees.  All together Big O paid my mom 70 dollars because they wouldn't fix her flat tire.

It wasn't long before she got another flat so she went back to Big O.  The man working saw her name and asked if she was the one who took them to small claims court for 10 dollars.  She said, "Yes I am.  Do you want to fix my tire, or give me 10 dollars to go somewhere else?"

I'm telling this story because tomorrow I'm going to post in more detail how I got 5 dollars from the University of Utah Health Care.  It too was a matter of principle, and my mom is very proud.


Sparklebot said...

Your mom is my hero.

(I think you mixed up the words "incident" and "indecent")

Beth said...

sparklebot-- yes I did. That is why I should NEVER post something without proof reading it. Yet, I do it all the time. Apparently I never learn.

Someday I'll be famous and have someone who writes all my blogs for me. Then I can blame all my typos, grammar errors, and spelling errors on them.

Des said...

I remember when my mom used to call your mom to fight her battles for her. I think once or twice your mom even pretended to be my mom on the phone. She is awesome! She is my hero too.

Grace said...

I wish I could be more like your mom!

Ali said...

Your mom rocks.

CarrieAnne said...


It feels SO GOOD to get your money back! I have fought MANY fights with insurance/Drs. Hospitals, labs-MIRNA!!!!

Believe me when I say I am STOKED to hear your story!

Jim F. said...

I kinda like your mom, too.

Monica said...

I LOVE your mother - your dad too -because they have the craziest stories. The best part about your mom, though? Well, its the fact that when you meet her (or even have lunch with her), you would never guess she had that much hutzpa.

GO MAMA! Take it to the man!

Anonymous said...

This is another fabulous story. Sometimes it's just worth it to fight a small battle, isn't it?