28 January 2010

Madison at the Science Fair

Okay so this is really a picture of Madison in the kitchen. BUT she is with her science fair project and this picture turned out better than the pictures I took of her at the actual science fair so I'm using it instead. She was a little disappointed because they made her take her hat off. Apparently the science fair judges were a little short on 4th grade fashion sense.

Stay tuned because I have some very exciting news. Something big is about to happen. Something very big. In fact its to just too big to tell you right now. You're going to have to wait. But I promise it will be worth it!


NG said...

Blog tease!

Ali said...

What, are you the evening news, trying to put your teasers out?!? Well guess what? We'd be reading anyway, even without the teasers!

Rebeca said...

I just had a flash back to the 90's and you helping me do my science project! Do you remember the potatoe? Can't believe its been that long. ;D