24 August 2010

School Days

Summer has come to a screeching halt.

I love the first day of school.

This morning Davis asked Kai if he'd play with him after school.  Kai said, "I'm sorry Davis, I'm going to school now and its a lot of hard work.  When I get home I'll be exhausted and too tired to play.  But I'll still be available on the weekends."


mhambster said...

I hope that Brig at least had the sensitivity to pencil Davis in on his planner. "I'm thinking around 8-ish? How does that work for you?"

Ali said...

That is hilarious.
They look very cool, btw. Your kids are too cute.

Dawnia said...

What good looking kids. Yay for back to school. I can't wait.

NG said...

How can I get a family job where I'm only available on the weekends?

CarrieAnne said...

Poor dude must work his tale off to be too tired to play. It's good to see Kai taking responsibility for his education.

And Lis, shame on you for thinking it was a funny thing to say! As Kai and I both know, a good education isn't a laughing matter.

Jessieksj said...

wow- they look so grown up!