12 August 2010

Another Birthday

On Tuesday the boy turned 8 and it was quite the event.

He wanted to start the festivities early so we went to his favorite sushi place for lunch the day before.  He even dragged his grandparents, who were visiting us at the time, along.  They were good sports and may have even liked it. 

He opened presents first thing on the morning of his birthday.  He had been saving up for a mini laptop and with the money he got for his birthday he had just enough to buy it.  Mike had anticipated this and bought the laptop a while ago.  When the boy realized he had exactly enough money (plus and extra 75 cents) Mike snuck outside, put the laptop on the front porch, rang the doorbell and snuck back inside.

I love kids.  He really thinks the UPS man just has impeccable timing.  We did set him straight about not having to spend the money he saved, but he was pleased he still had that extra 75 cents.

That afternoon we went to Jason's Deli, another one of his favorite restaurants.  That kid can really go to town on a salad bar.  He filled up a huge plate of salad and fruit but right as he reached our table he dropped it on the tile floor and it shattered sending glass and food everywhere.  He was devastated and with little tears in his eyes asked, "Mom, do you think they are going to make me pay for that plate?  Because I only have 75 cents and I'm not sure that's enough."

For dinner we had awesome gluten free cupcakes (it was a King Aurthur Flour mix and much better than the Betty Crocker mixes) and ice cream.

After that we went to watch the Owls (our local team) play baseball.  On the way in Kai told the guy taking his ticket it was his birthday.  When the man guessed he was turning 5 Kai said, "Nope!  Eight!"  Mike snuck off again, but this time it was to have Kai's name put on the billboard at the top of the 7th inning.  When they announced it was his 8th birthday he wasn't even surprised.  He just said, "Well I told them I was turning 8 when I came in." Poor Mike never gets any credit.


Michael said...

"What the.." I love it!

Rebecca said...

I love this boy! I really enjoyed talking to him on the phone on his birthday and the conversation we had about his smarts. I'm glad to know that he is a really "brainiac" (his own words)... ;)


Jessieksj said...

dang, i want to be in your family!!

CarrieAnne said...

I love that kid!

Grace said...

It sounds like he knows how to celebrate!

Kacy said...