17 August 2010

Next Time Dig Deeper

I believe we are the 3rd owners of our current house.  When you buy a house that was previously owned you find every owner did their own special things while they were there.  Our sprinkling system is a prime example of this.  It is now a hodge podge of three owners worth of repairs. 

This summer a group of men spent several hours digging up our back yard just to get the system running again.  When we discovered to fix things properly they'd have to spend at least another week digging up the front yard, we decided "running" was good enough for now.  We'll tackle "fixed" another summer.  If we ever move the 4th owners are going to be so pleased.

Like I said, this group of men dug up 80 percent of the back yard and left us with a "fixed" sprinkling system.  However, they also left us with a large pile of dirt.  Apparently they dug up 80 percent of the yard, but only put back 70 percent. 

This pile of dirt and rocks did not go unnoticed by the children.  It became the home to two black beetles the boy found at the park.  Chase used it as a construction site for his John Deere digger, Davis used it to scavenge the rocks he likes to hide in my garden boxes.   And it was in this pile of dirt that Madison and a friend found a little something one of the previous owners left behind--the remains of a family pet.  Bones, collar, and tags.

The men working on our sprinklers HAD to know they unearthed a dog while digging massive trenches in our back yard.  Right?  Maybe Not.  I don't know.  Either way, this particular dirt pile is no longer welcome in my back yard.


CarrieAnne said...

Np way!

Jordan said...

Shuddering in disgust

Talks-a-Lot said...


Jim F. said...

Get your manly man to haul it away someplace. Like behind your brother's house where one could possibly find the remains of some of your animals, though I am reasonably sure yours were buried far enough away that they haven't been disturbed by construction.

VisualAnarchy said...

I know we buried a couple of my rabbits, frogs and salamanders out there. But I don't think we bury any of my dogs.