23 February 2010

He's Going to Be a Rocker Or a Stylist

Last week Davis saw Madison painting her nails and begged me to paint his.  So, gasp,  I did.  I painted them black.  I painted them black because I thought that would be better than painting them pink or shiny metallic blue.  I don't have a lot of mainly colors of nail polish on hand. 

He was quite pleased with his nails and this afternoon while we were at the local yarn shop he showed them off the all the yarn ladies.  They gave him all sorts of attention and praise, as ladies in a yarn shop tend to do.

When we got home, having just purchased a bag of yarn, I became distracted.  However, the little man quickly caught my attention when I saw him walking down the hall like this . . . .

As is obvious from this picture he becomes a little more like Kai every day.  Heaven help me.  I should start saving for that padded white cell now.

Apparently he decided it was time to freshen up those nails.  Horrified I ran to the bathroom expecting to find black fingernail polish all over the walls and floor.  Instead I found this.

A few tiny splatters on the stool and some little black finger prints on the cap. 

If he practices his brush strokes he may be able to get a job in a salon one day.


Sparklebot said...

That is VERY impressive. I've made much larger messes myself. As a grown up.

Dirtius Wifius said...

awesome. :)

CarrieAnne said...

(Warning- I am about to type a racist stereotype) It's the Korean influence in your house rubbing off on him. ;-)

The Kid painted The Man's toenails a lot when she was little..often up to the middle of his foot. She was very thorough.

Now you need to buy him some eyeliner. One of those "smoky eye" ones. Perhaps a few glue on rhinestones?

Ali said...

Whoa, that kid has a future! Honestly, that's better than Sheridan would do, and she's got the female thing and 6 months on him....heck, that's probably as good as my 5 yr old could do! Seriously, harness that....(don't you have some painting that needs doing for ETSY projects?)