18 November 2009

An Open Letter to the Boy


I am a firm believer that if you're sick you should act sick. None of this running around the house wrestling with your brothers. If you are throwing up every 10 minutes you should be lying in bed moaning in the mean time. You'll get a lot more sympathy that way.


Your Mother


Sparklebot said...

I'd definitely be moaning.

Kristin said...

Well, this way you know he can't be doing that bad. . . if he has that much energy you know? You don't have to be as worried.

Alice said...

I liked it when mom would bring donut holes home when we were sick ... sick rocks.

Beth said...

Alice-- donut holes? She always brought me home bean burritos.

Anonymous said...

Bean burritos? Seriously?

I think I just got to watch a lot more PBS than even our usual copious amounts.

I think I will need to acquire some donut holes before the end of today.