10 August 2012


One of these kids just turned 5. He is about to start kindergarten and is under the impression that he shouldn't ever have to change his clothes or brush his teeth.

When I told him to buckle his seat belt on one of the rides at Disneyland he said, "Mom, I know! I read the rules. It says, 'Buckle your seat belt and NO dancing.'"

Another one of these kids is 7. He is about to start 2nd grade and he will absolutely not smile unless he is truly 100% happy. He was underwhelmed by most of what Disneyland had to offer.

Toontown? I don't thinks so.  3D bug glasses? Not quite.  Train ride? Maybe. Cotton Candy? Closer.  Abraham Lincoln? 

Well, duh! Who could possibly resist the charms of Honest Abe!

One of them just turned 10 (today in fact). He is about to start 5th grade. He is growing up fast and I don't like it one bit. He's among the "big kids" now and was bound and determined to ride the roller coaster at Disneyland. He even talked a few other people into doing it with him.

Speaking of growing up fast, the oldest one is 12 now.  TWELVE. We're talking junior high people! Does this freak me out a little . . . of course it does. Pretty soon she'll wanting to stay out late and kiss boys. Fortunately for now she's satisfied driving a car and I'm okay with that.


Juliette said...

Kids grow up too fast! It's freaky that Madi is going to junior high because it doesn't feel that long ago that you and I were going.

Dawnia said...

How fun that you were able to go to Disneyland. They are definitely growing too fast. Sometimes I want to freeze time - but that's only sometimes. I love that Abraham Lincoln is way more exciting than Disneyland! Too funny. Good luck with the Junior High thing.

Shell said...

Lis, I love your kids. If I didn't have my own, I'd steal yours. (But then I would probably give them back because I don't think I'm man enough to deal with them on a daily basis. You are definitely a stronger person than I am.)

Christina P. said...

Chase is so funny; I love that Abraham Lincoln was the highlight of his experience!

Yuet-ching said...

He is so in awe of Abraham Lincoln ^^ but not disneyland LOL =P xx