16 March 2012

New Toys

In October and old friend asked me if I was interested in a part time job at her company. I said yes and happily became a working mom. I worked with great people and I was able to work most of my hours from home. My job was awesome.

The Wednesday after Christmas Michael found out that the company he was employed with was shutting its doors. He was officially unemployed so I talked to my friend, became her new marketing manager, and switched from working part-time to working full-time. I loved my new job so much that I continued to work full-time even after Michael got a new job in January.

Unfortunately two weeks ago I found out that my boss had to sell the company and I was no longer employed. It was sad, but I have decided to do my own thing--more on that later. To put my new project in action I needed a great camera. I've been wanting one for years.  YEARS I tell you. I did a little research, talked to a few people and finally bought a Canon 60D. I absolutely love this camera.

You may want to click on these picture to see them larger.

I had no idea Kai made such serious faces when he was playing baseball.

Aside from cropping, I haven't done any editing on these pictures. They would look even better with some color correction.

Of all the pictures I took, this is my favorite. I'm thinking this boy is not meant to be the goalie.

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