23 January 2012

He'll Be 7 Soon

The next birthday in our family will be Chase's.

It really wasn't that long ago Chase swore he would never turn six and never go to first grade. Regardless of these statements his sixth year came and now it is almost gone.

He's come a long way this past year. He has realized that school isn't the worst thing in the world. He's even willing to participate in PE just so long as his aid participates with him (in fact, she's lost 20lbs because of it). He decided he likes Church just so long as he doesn't have to read a scripture, give a talk, or say a prayer.

However, my favorite thing Chase has started doing this year is talking more. What he says is often unexpected and random but we get these amazing little glimpses into his mind. When he talks he says slowly with little to no emotion. Everything he says is dead pan, which makes it that much more enjoyable.

When Michael dropped him of at school and told him to have a good day Chase got nose to nose with his dad and flatly said, "I will. If my pants fit." Then he gave Michael a kiss on the cheek and jumped out of the car.  He was at my brother's house when he saw an old typewriter on their bookcase and in his slow monotone voice said, "A typewriter? What is this? 1975?"

It hard for me to believe that Chase will be seven in March. But he is constantly reminding us about his upcoming birthday and keeps asking how many days are left. It seemed like for the first time he was excited about his birthday so I asked him what he wanted to do celebrate.  He said, "I want to have pizza. Real pizza from the pizza guy who comes to your door.* Then I want you all to have a party while I go to my room and take a nap."  Wouldn't you know it, that's what I want to do on my birthday too.

*Because Kai can't eat gluten we don't really eat pizza anymore. Sometimes Michael will make a gluten free version but Chase misses "real" pizza.


Juliette said...

Funny kid! I especially enjoyed the typewriter comment.

CarrieAnne said...

He's a good kid. I get the pants comment. My life is like that too.

Grace said...

Your Chase reminds me of my Elena. The dead pan expression when they say stuff that to the rest of us is so funny. But because they weren't trying to be funny you have to try so hard not to laugh lest you discourage future comments in the future.

Jim F. said...

Maybe I should (a) volunteer to be his aide and (b) have him over for pizza sometime.

Yuet-ching said...

Chase has a funny streak in him~~=P =P LOL he wants to take a nap while you all have a party ^^~~~xx

Dawnia said...

Those are some awesome Chase quotes. He cracks me up! The pants comment is classic - who says that? :)