18 May 2011

Now That I Have a Minute

This month has been the usual crazy.

Madison just finished soccer (which went two weeks over because the weather has been less than cooperative) and she started track.

You know what I did when I was 11?  I came home from school and watched Cloak and Dagger and ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.   I would have done homework but I'm pretty sure I didn't have any.

We also celebrated Mother's Day. All the kids made cards for me and each of their cards perfectly reflected their personalities.

Madison's envelope said, "My Favorite Memories With My Mom" inside I found a list titled "All The Things We've Done Without Telling the Boys  . . . ."  Every single item was a treat we got on the way home from somewhere and, of course, didn't tell the boys.

MacKay's card was a letter telling me all the ways I'm a wonderful mom.  His last line was my favorite, "But I infinity thank you for paying for me to go to school."  I laugh because he is going to a public elementary school where education is still free.  But then I thought about the forty some odd bookmarks and thirty some odd bracelets I made for him to sell at his class store and realized I really do pay for his education--and he should be grateful, gosh darn it--that started out as "damn it", but I'm trying to swear less.  Are you so proud of me?

Chase's card had a pretty flower on the front and on the inside he wrote, "Dear Mom."  That's it.  Just, "Dear Mom."  He didn't even sign it.  It is quite possibly the best card he's ever made me.  I love it.

Davis' card remains to be seen because he lost it the same day he made it.  I'll probably find it when I find the fan remote he "borrowed" six months ago.

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Des said...

Look at Madison's perfect running stance!

As for when you were 11, Cloak and Dagger brings me back to the "good 'ol days". I also distinctly remember some Prince of Persia and cookie making intermingled with the TV and sandwiches.