07 August 2013

Life as Usual

Saturday was Mommy 'n Maddie day. Wait, now that she's thirteen it's probably Mom 'n Maddie day. Anyway, we were starting our fun packed day waiting for a movie when I received the following text from Michael:

Cat vomited, ate it, Chase went to clean it, he puked, I cleaned his puke while he cleaned cat puke. I have pictures. 

He really did too. He really took pictures of the both the Chase's and the cat's vomit (don't worry I'll spare you).

Sunday the poor kitten was still sick. It was obvious something was wrong so Monday we took Anyoung to the vet. During the visit Anyoung peed on me. It turns out that Anyoung has a urinary trackt infection so unfortunately he has a hard time holding his pee, fortunately it wasn't very much pee (another side effect from the infection). Don't get me wrong though--I was less than thrilled.

After that the boys...yes I had ALL three boys with me--three boys who practically died from the giggles and covered their eyes when the vet took the cat's temperature rectally...anyway the boys and I went to pick Madison up from great grandma's house on the way home.

Not sure how long we would be we decided to bring Anyoung into great grandma's with us (he was still in his kitty carrier of course). What we did not know is that great grandma was dog sitting. A very cute dog who got just a little bit too excited about the kids and the cat and decided to pee on grandma's couch. Of course I got to clean that up too.

When we got home I sent Michael an email giving him a run down of the goings on and told him that I'd had a "fun urine filled day" to which he responded, "sounds like life as usual." Yep. Pretty much...pretty much.

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